My entire car was covered with hail damage. All dents were repaired using the paintless dent repair method. Some parts of car trim were replaced as needed.

My one-year-old Nissan Sentra now looks great, like the hail storm never happened. I was worried because the damage was so extensive, but as of today I have not seen any of the dents that were there before. It's really amazing what these paintless dent repair guys can do! There is no sign of the dents, the paint is still beautiful, and the surfaces are so smooth and glossy again! I am someone who would have liked a call on the third or fourth day they had the car, even if all was going well, just to have an update without having to feel like a pest, but when I called they were very attentive and told me exactly what was going on.

I really appreciate the quality work that was done, and the responsiveness of Dentworks. I did not have to spend one second of my precious time on hold on the phone, and I did not have a lengthy wait in their waiting room (I noticed that they do have good cable there for people to watch if necessary, but I never saw anyone sitting there waiting). Best of all, my pretty new car looks like its old self again.

Leslie S.
Round Rock, TX

I got caught in the recent hailstorm with golf-ball to baseball sized hail in the Four Points area. My three kids strapped in the back of my BMW X5 in line at McD's--sounding like the world was going to end. Got to my insurance estimator ahead of the rush and was ticked when they wrote the original estimate for over $4K in PDR (paintless dent repair). I figured this would require paint and metal bodywork.

From beginning to end, scheduling to sign-off, this was a stellar customer experience. I simply could not believe they could return my low-mileage, excellent condition car to it's original condition. There were craters in my roof and hood after the storm, and they absolutely were gone. Not a single body panel had escaped damage, and every bit of it was gone, with my beautiful factory original paint job in tact. Everyone at DentWorks was a pleasure to deal with. They worked proactively with my insurance company to make adjustments to the original estimate so everything was handled in a way that was transparent to me, and all the Austin body shops and insurance agents were slammed (my State Farm rep told me they had 8000 hail claims from the March 09 storm). Owner Trey told me that two of his top technicians have decades of experience in doing this work and it showed. I'm still blown away by their work, and will no longer view PDR as somehow inferior to traditional body shops. When done right, it's a far better solution. I have no hesitation to recommend DentWorks to my friends and family. I am one happy camper!

Austin, TX

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